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We detect and help prevent these events from becoming life-changing catastrophies

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Safety for your Senior Family Member. Peace of Mind for the Family.
All programs are month-to-month with no long-term contracts
Fall Facts
  • 1 out of 3 seniors falls each year
  • Almost 50% of seniors who fall do not tell their family members
  • 2 out of 3 people who fall once will fall again within 6 months
  • Frequent bathroom trips may indicate UTI which can lead to falls
  • Rapid detection of falls prevents:
  • Hypothermia
  • Pneumonia
  • Floor sores
  • Loss of blood
  • Incapacitation
  • Death
Stove Left On Facts
  • Cooking is the 3rd leading cause of fire deaths for seniors
  • Cause carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Cooking fires are the #1 cause of home fires
Wandering Facts
  • 3 out of 5 with cognitive decline will wander
  • 50% of seniors who wander are injured
  • Can be easily identified with our door monitor
Health Effects of Isolation & Loneliness
  • Increases onset of dementia by 50%
  • 68% increase in hospitalizations
  • 57% increased risk of emergency room visits
  • Heart failure patients - 4 times risk of death
  • 29% increased risk of heart disease
  • 32% Increased risk of stroke
  • Increased risk of premature mortality from all causes

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine

Impact of Providing Care for Older Adult

Unpaid caregivers for older adults – mainly family – were more than three times as likely to have suicidal thoughts or to use substances to cope.

Informal or unpaid caregiving has been associated with:

  • Elevated levels of depression and anxiety

  • Higher use of psychoactive medications

  • Worse self-reported physical health

  • Compromised immune function 

  • ​Increased risk of early death

  • Disruption of family dynamics - arguments and divorce

  • Financial stress

Which also compromise their ability to provide family members the care they need

Family caregivers also often experience economic hardships through lost wages and additional medical expenses.

Home Monitoring System. $139 monthly, $199 one-time equipment
  • Wireless motion/temperature sensors
  • Wireless open door sensors
  • Runs on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Learns daily routines
  • Identifies unusual activity
  • Identifies potential falls
  • 24 / 7 dedicated monitoring team
  • Socialization preventing loneliness
Instant Fall Detection System. $169 monthly, $239 one-time equipment
  • A necessity for seniors at risk of falling
  • Provides 24/7 full room radar screening
  • Identifies falls immediately
  • Learns and recognizes sleep patterns
  • Identifies unusual activity
  • Identifies room by room activity
  • Identifies when someone else is in the room
  • 24/7 dedicated monitoring team
Both Systems - Maximum Protection. $249 monthly, $299 one-time equipment
Includes all the features from above
Call Today: 800-480-3344

“We love our partnership with Connected Home. They provide us with smart tele-monitoring solutions that prevent readmissions for our high risk for readmissions patients. Monitoring those early changes in condition and reporting those symptoms to the providers allowed our providers to timely intervene and prevent further deterioration and decline.

Grace Benlice, Enterprises Director

 Care Coordination and Palliative Care

El Camino Health

Mountain View, CA

“Connected Home is more than a technology partner. Through Connected Home’s innovative model of service delivery, Wilshire Home Health is able to keep in closer contact with our patients and their conditions in real-time, while maintaining the ability to more efficiently plan and deploy clinical resources when appropriate. By doing so Wilshire is able to drive higher quality care and patient satisfaction while significantly reducing readmission rates.”

Ron Yukelson, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Wilshire Health and Community Services

San Luis Obispo, CA

As reported to our Remote Monitoring Coordinator Team:

SC – I was panicking. Because of a blackout I was stuck in my electric lift chair. My remote monitoring coordinator calmed me down and convinced me that they shouldn’t call 911 because I really wasn’t in any kind of danger and kept calling me until the blackout ended. I’m really thankful they talked me through this. If 911 had been called, I would have ended up back in the hospital. No way I wanted that. – Thank you CHL and my RMC team for being there during my recovery.


JA – Thanks for your service. Knowing you were checking on me gave me great peace of mind.


RC – Upon discharge, you were there to help me through my recovery. I am very appreciative.

RO – Comforting knowing someone is watching out for me.

RA – My son is amazed with your program and the care given to me, his mother.

CD – Program has been helpful and a wonderful support.


BH – I appreciate the time and care y'all have put in and calling me every day. It is a great service and y'all have been helpful.


MF – This program gives me such peace of mind.


XF – Tired of being shut in, so thanks for spending a little time with me each day. Like the video part of it and being able to share things about my day and my family.


LF – Thanks for being there for me and faithfully checking in on me. You get “10s” across the board.

Samantha’s Story


Samantha was confused. Her brain injury prevented adherence to her medication regimen and “extra” pills littered her medication shelf, so her prescribed medications were not controlling her symptoms. But would they work if Sam took all the right medications at the right time, every time?


According to Sam’s sister, Luann: “She was not remembering to eat.  She was unable to initiate and following through with making meals.  She did not remember to take her pills consistently or correctly, though the pharmacy organized them in separate morning and evening bubble packs with a date written on each bubble. 


“She could rarely navigate her phone.  She would often be unreachable by phone for hours or over a day.  She would say things that were odd or inappropriate, repeat herself or zone out and forget what she was saying in the middle of a sentence.  She would weakly collapse to her hands and knees in the middle of a conversation, stay there for a few moments, get up with help, and have no recollection of the incident.”


Enter Connected Home


Luann: “With Connected Homes’ careful observation, direction, and reporting, Sam began to take her pills consistently at the right time in the right amount. It wasn’t long before we noticed a dramatic difference in Samantha.  She was able to converse more clearly and logically.  She could easily navigate her phone and her computer.  She is more alert, walks more steadily, etc.  It is like night and day.  This service is an absolute necessity for Samantha to independently function at the level she is able.”


Dr. Charles White, Sam’s physician, says, “I would recommend this service for any patient who has difficulty adhering to their medical regimen.”


Sam, herself, says that Connected Home has “helped improve the quality of my life a great deal.”


Dr. White:  “I have been Samantha Barker’s primary care provider for several years. She started using Connected Home about one year ago. Since she began using their services, she has been able to be more compliant with her medications and we have seen a positive change in the control of her symptoms.”


“Sam is like a new person,” says another sister, Beth. “I feel like I’ve got my sister back. Our time together isn’t all focused on cleaning up medication problems. We can have some fun.”

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Grab Bars
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Stairlifts, ramps and elevators
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Tub to shower conversions
Full bathroom makeovers
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Kitchen modifications
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Medication Management
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Indoor air purification for seniors
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Fall fracture prevention flooring

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